How Are Restaurants Preventing the Spread of COVID-19?

With schools closing down, public gatherings being canceled, and millions of people losing their jobs, the COVID-19 pandemic is changing life as we know it. As we all are trying to cope with a boost in coronavirus cases, millions are also forced to deal with changes happening at the workplace. While tons of people have lost their jobs, others are still needed to work their positions, including those in medical, banking, and home service settings. However, restaurant employees are also needed during this crisis. Even though restaurants aren’t currently providing dine-in service, takeout and delivery are still available at many establishments. But even with serious measures in place to limit the spread of COVID-19, restaurants must take extra precautions to ensure safety is the top concern. In this post, we’ll discuss some of the leading ways restaurants are helping to stop the spread of COVID-19.  

Takeout or Delivery Only

To limit the spread of this deadly virus, restaurants across the globe have closed down their dining rooms. However, to help out in the community and keep businesses afloat, many restaurants are still offering takeout or delivery service. Takeout or delivery greatly reduces the chances of spreading coronavirus, but restaurants are hoping the restrictions are lifted soon. Although takeout or delivery can still bring in business, it doesn't compare to normal operation. While some restaurants are busier than ever at this time, others are seeing sales plummet. As restaurants are doing their part to stop the spread, further guidelines and restrictions are being implemented consistently.

No Onsite Consumption

Another effort by restaurants to limit the spread involves the restriction of food and drink consumption on site. When picking up a takeout order, customers are allowed to enter the facility; however, nothing can be consumed on the premises. Items must be taken home or to the car before consumption. This is a way for restaurants to get customers in and out of their facilities without putting themselves or their guests at a higher risk of contraction.

Social Distancing Measures

As some restaurants are flooded with takeout orders, which has posed issues with customer lines at these establishments. As everyone is urged to keep a safe, six-foot distance from one person to the next, restaurants are enforcing this in their takeout lines. Customers are urged to keep a six-foot distance while standing in lines, and this should be monitored by restaurant personnel. Another recommendation given to restaurants is to place signs that clearly indicate the rules for social distancing.

No Self-Service Areas

COVID-19 spreads through contact with respiratory droplets from an infected individual, so restaurants are also restricting self-service areas. These areas typically involve drink refill stations and areas to grab condiments, napkins, and straws. To help in this regard, restaurant employees are the only ones permitted to refill drinks and obtain items like napkins, condiments, and anything else needed by the customer.

Promoting Online or Phone Orders

While many customers are able to walk into a restaurant to place a to-go order, restaurants are encouraging people to instead call ahead or order online. This is used in an effort to prevent the spread of the virus and limit the time customers are inside the restaurant. Restaurant managers want to get customers in and out of the facility as fast as possible and limit the number of people in the restaurant at any given time.

Recommending Delivery Service

If a restaurant offers delivery service, then they are highly encouraging delivery over takeout. Like we mentioned previously, restaurants are doing what they can to limit the number of people in their facilities, so delivery is a great step in the right direction. Delivery service means fewer and fewer people will have to step foot inside restaurants, which can be huge in stopping the spread of this virus.

Strict Cleanliness Guidelines

Takeout and delivery service does help dramatically when it comes to preventing the spread, but due to the highly contagious nature of COVID-19, it can still be passed from one person to another, even with these strict guidelines in place. That being said, another step taken by restaurants involves their cleanliness guidelines. Employees are constantly washing their hands, cleaning delivery cars thoroughly, and ensuring frequently touched areas are cleaned properly and frequently. After handling restaurant bags, boxes, and containers that have been touched by multiple people, washing hands is highly encouraged.

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