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To applicant: We deeply appreciate your interest in our company and assure you that we are sincerely interested in your qualifications. A clear understanding of your background and work history will aid in placing you in the position that best meets your qualifications, and may assist us in possible future upgrading.

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I authorize this company to make an investigation of all information contained in this application for employment, and I release from all liability all companies and corporations suppling such information. I understand that any false answers, statements or implications made by me on this application or other required documents shall be considered sufficient cause for denial or employment or discharge. Upon terminiation of my employment for whatever reason, I release this company from all liability for supplying any information concerning my employment to any potential employer. I hearby agree to submit to such physical examinations as may be required and any drug test(s) that may be requested of me, whether prior to my employment or, if employed by this company, at any time thereafter. During such employment, I understand and agree that in the event that I receive medical treatment for any condition, including a physical, psychological, emotional, or psychiatric condition I hereby authorize the limited release and exchange of medical information relating to my condition between the treatment provider and a company designated physician. I further understand that this is an application for employment and that no employment contract is being offered. I understand that if I am employed, such employment is for an indefinite period of time and that the company can change my schedule or conditions at any time. I have read and understand the above.