Cattlemen’s Steakhouse Proudly Featured in Route Magazine


Cattlemen’s Steakhouse has been a local hotspot in the Stockyards City community for years. Even so, we never imagined our historic little restaurant would be featured in ROUTE Magazine. Recently, Rachel Fernandez of ROUTE Magazine sat down with a few long-time patrons of Cattlemen’s Steakhouse to discuss everything from the food to the culture that formed around the restaurant. She spoke with one of our favorite customers, Joy A. Weed, and delved into the history surrounding the restaurant and a few choice options on the menu. 

Cattlemen’s Steakhouse Proudly Featured in Route Magazine

Founded in 1910, Cattlemen’s Steakhouse quickly rose to prominence as an Oklahoma staple. In what started as a public livestock market, the stockyards grew, and Cattlemen’s went on to offer fresh food, a cup of coffee, and conversation to locals and visitors to the area. 

But the restaurant had humble beginnings. Original owner, Gene Wade Jr., came from a family notorious for underground gambling circles at the time. In one particularly fruitful bet, Wade Jr., playing dice against Hank Frey, won Cattlemen’s Restaurant in a stroke of luck.

These days, Cattlemen’s Restaurant prefers to focus on the customer and our excellent food. When you want a jaw-dropping steak, a filling breakfast, or a fantastic wine to pair with your meal, we’ll serve you the best in Stockyards City.

If you already love our food or haven’t had a chance to visit, read Rachel Fernandez’s piece in ROUTE Magazine. It is an exceptionally detailed insight into what makes our restaurant tick and how we grew over the years.

If you want to learn more about Cattlemen’s Steakhouse, our history, or the exceptional food we offer each day, stop on in, take a seat, and order some comfort food. We have plenty on the menu to entice even the pickiest of eaters.