Located in Oklahoma City's Historic Stockyard City.

Cattlemen's Steakhouse is located smack in the middle of Stockyard City, a "must see" when visiting Oklahoma City. The store owners and community leaders have all worked very hard in keeping Stockyard City from becoming "touristy." It's a place where the cattle and horse people can get what they need, have a good meal and enjoy each other's company. And, by golly, if a few greenhorns manage to wrangle their way into the boot shop, that's okay, too. They won't find any "My parents went to Stockyard City and all I got was this lousy T-shirt" shirts or Elvis salt and pepper shakers. But they may leave knowing what a real steak tastes like, and that real boots don't come from Bloomingdale's.


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1309 S. Agnew • Oklahoma City, OK • 73108

Phone: 405-236-0416
Fax: 405-235-1969

Hours: Open 6 am daily
Sunday - Thursday til' 10 pm
Friday & Saturday til' 12 midnight