What Are the Most Expensive Steaks in the World?


Let’s talk about steak. You’d be hard-pressed to find a more protein nutritious meal; and cooked right, it is an American favorite.

Like with anything in the food universe, there are many opinions when it comes to steak. Some people will argue that the best steak comes from a certain breed of cow or how the cow is raised, while others believe it’s all about the cut, marbling, and thickness.

Here at Cattlemen’s Steakhouse, we pride ourselves on having the best steak options around.

But what about the average cost for other top-notch steaks around the world?

Below is a little preview of some of the most expensive steaks in the world right now. Do you think they are worth it?

Expensive Cattle

Supply and demand make the economy fun, don’t they? Well, they sure do make for some of the highest price tags attached to steaks right now.

Example #1 is the Japanese Kobe steak. Kobe beef has long been seen as a top-quality name because of its beautiful color and fat marbling, but its low supply is what makes it valuable.

Only 3,000 Kobe cattle are chosen each year for butchering, making the process for quality control extremely high and the supply extremely low.

At a steakhouse in the heart of Japan’s beef country in Kobe, a single Select Special Kobe 5.6oz Filet is selling for over $240. Even in the city center of Tokyo, a Charbroiled Kobe Filet can cost a single patron over $330.

There are specially recognized Kobe Beef Fairs around Japan in which the top Kobe cattle are shown. Exclusive restaurants and chefs have the honor of serving these top steaks, like a restaurant in Osaka that is able to sell its Kobe Beef Steak for over $395.

Example #2 is another Japanese breed that is even more expensive, Wagyu. Wagyu cows are specially raised, fed by hand when they are calves, and free-range. Like Kobe, Wagyu beef is extremely regulated for quality control, and the number of cattle processed annually is also extremely low.

The main difference with Wagyu cattle though is that they are unique in how their bodies metabolize fat internally. This means that fat marbling is seen inside the muscle, making it some of the most tender and rich meat on the steak market. In Sydney, Australia, for example, a full-blood Wagyu 14.1oz Tenderloin is on the menu for over $290.

Note: Full-blood means that the beef is 100% genetic Wagyu (there are many purebred and crossbred breeds that produce expensive cuts, but full-blood is the real deal).

Then we have example #3 from France. The Millesime Côte de Boeuf from the Pollard Boucherie farm in Paris is served at Michelin star restaurants for $700 a steak. These cows are monitored carefully so their stress levels do not increase, and people swear the steaks can be cut with a fork, as they are so tender.

While these cuts of steaks are expensive, you also have to keep in mind the price point of the restaurant and chef creating the dish. Still, $700 a steak does sound impressive.

Animal Protein

Everyone needs protein. That much is obvious. What isn’t as widely known is that animal protein, specifically, has health benefits that cannot be replaced by meat alternatives.

In particular, animal protein is good for higher brain function. A common side effect of purely vegan diets is that practitioners suffer from brain fog. That’s because animal protein plays a vital role in your body and central nervous system.

A good steak can actually help you out of a mental fog.

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