What is Filet Mignon?

About Filet Mignon

What is Filet Mignon?

Filet mignon is a lean and delicious meat cut from the heart of the tenderloin, making it one of the most desirable cuts of steak. It is arguably one of the most tender cuts because the tenderloin, a muscle that does virtually nothing, rarely gets toughened. The best filet comes from the tenderloin's ultra-tender tail end, and it’s sure to be the ultimate dish if you serve it at your next dinner party.

In most cases, filet mignon is pricey since it comes from the small end of an animal's tenderloin area. If the meat is cut from the tenderloin's broader end, it is known as a tournedos and appears thinner. When cut from the smaller end, the steaks are usually one or two inches thick and two inches in diameter.

Thanks to the filet mignon’s tenderness, you will be hooked at the first buttery bite. With less fat and connective tissue than many other meat cuts, the filet is sure to impress with its tenderness, especially for those used to other steaks.

Cooking a Filet Mignon


Cooking a filet is not as hard as it might seem, and it doesn’t take too long. If you want to cook the steak properly, you only need to understand the appropriate cooking temperatures. Whether you prefer having the steak well-done or rare, the important thing is to ensure it is well cooked. The appropriate temperatures for cooking a filet mignon are 160 degrees Fahrenheit for well-done steak and 120 degrees Fahrenheit for rare.

In most cases, filet steaks have an excellent flavor compared to other cuts, and the silken texture makes them worth a try. The filet tastes best when cooked to medium-rare or medium doneness. When cooking the filets, use a grill over medium-high heat to get the best results. It won’t take more than 15 minutes to be ready to serve. The filet will turn out meltingly tender and juicy while having a nice crust. You add to the filet mignon with rubs, sauces, or flavored butter.

Bottom Line


If you desire something fancy for dinner, you can never go wrong with a grilled filet mignon. This is arguably one of the most tender and delicious stakes you can find in restaurants thanks to its extreme tenderness. Don’t hesitate to splurge and get the filet mignon once in a while, especially on special occasions. Come to Cattlemen’s Steakhouse if you want the most delicious filet mignon in all of Oklahoma City. We’ve been perfecting the steak making process for several years, and we’ll be sure to delight your palate.