What Are Some Overrated and Underrated Cuts of Beef?

Beef: it’s what’s for dinner, right? If you’re looking for a heavenly taste experience, there’s no question that a hot and juicy, freshly seared steak delivers. But is the cut that usually graces your plate really the most mouthwatering steak out there? 


What Is Flat Iron Steak?

Everyone loves a great steak. The best steaks are juicy, aromatic, and tender. They fill your mouth with delicious flavors, and they fill your belly with nutritious, satisfying meat. Steak is great, and there are a lot of steaks out there. Most people eventually find they have a favorite cut of steak. Some of the most popular are filet mignon, ribeye, New York strip, and porterhouse. That’s only scratching the surface.! 


How Do You Like Your Steak? (Steak Ordering Guide)

Don't know how to order your steak? You're not alone. Whether it's your first time ordering steak, you can't remember how you like your steak cooked, or you'd like to try your steak cooked a different way, this guide can help you out. And when you come to Cattlemen's Steakhouse, our amazing chefs can cook your steak exactly to your liking. 


Top Sirloin vs Filet Mignon

Are you in the mood for a good steak? That’s pretty normal. Since you already have a craving, let’s talk about it a little bit. What kind of steak do you want most? Do you have a favorite cut? 


Why is it Called Chicken Fried Steak?

You’re looking through the menu of a restaurant. You have a lot of options. They have a few cuts of steak listed. Steak is usually delicious, but it has to be cooked just right. You could go for a burger, but will it really be fantastic? As you browse your options, your eyes eventually fall on the go-to meal you know you can trust. You see the chicken fried steak. No two people cook it the same, but it’s one of those staple dishes that you can count on to be tasty. Why is that? What is it about chicken fried steak that makes it reliable and tasty? Why do they even call it chicken fried steak? All of these important life questions are finally going to be answered.