Tips for Eating at a Steakhouse While on a Keto Diet

Eating at a restaurant while you're following any diet can be challenging. Not having easy access to nutrition facts and serving sizes, worrying about hidden calories and sugar, and not wanting to give into temptation are all genuine concerns. When the diet is one that limits how many carbohydrates you can eat, like the keto diet, it can seem especially overwhelming.  


What is Filet Mignon?

Filet mignon is a lean and delicious meat cut from the heart of the tenderloin, making it one of the most desirable cuts of steak. It is arguably one of the most tender cuts because the tenderloin, a muscle that does virtually nothing, rarely gets toughened. The best filet comes from the tenderloin's ultra-tender tail end, and it’s sure to be the ultimate dish if you serve it at your next dinner party. 


The 10 Best Things to Do in Oklahoma City

Oklahoma City is known for Sooner football, being part of Tornado Alley, and having a rich, historically significant cowboy culture. That's not all there is to Oklahoma City, though — not by a long shot. For example, many first-timers don't realize that OKC is situated on a large, active oil field, and you'll spot working oil derricks throughout the city. 


If you're just passing through or are a local, there is always something new and interesting to do and discover in Oklahoma City. 

The 8 Best Side Dishes for Steak

Steak is the pinnacle of all entrees. Sure, we’ll all try something exotic every now and then. We’ll let famous chefs convince us to experience some new dish. Those are fine, but at the end of the day, we all come back to steak. We do that because it’s so delicious. If you’re hankering for a great steak, you have an important decision to make. What side are you going to pair with it? Here are some ideas to get your appetite going. 


Porterhouse Steak vs Ribeye

It’s a long-held debate among serious steak lovers: Which is better — porterhouse or ribeye? 


Though strongly held opinions exist on both sides of the fence, each of these two cuts has some serious merits that place them at the head of the pack in terms of steak quality. But is one really better than the other? What sets these two cuts of steak apart? We’ve got the details below.