What Is the Appeal of Bone-In Steaks?

Do you enjoy steak? If the answer is yes, then you probably have a favorite cut and style. Are you a filet mignon type of person, or do you prefer a monstrous porterhouse? Do you like your steak on the rare side or the well-done side of the spectrum? 


What Are Good Side Dishes for Filet Mignon?

When you’ve got filet on your plate, it’s inarguably the star of the show. But a plate with nothing more than a juicy slab of meat might seem a little sparse. Sure, filet can certainly stand on its own (especially if you’re a die-hard steak fan), but like any main course, it doesn’t really shine without a supporting player or two to help round out the dining experience. 


What Is Chicken-Fried Steak?

Ask anyone from Oklahoma to name a few of their favorite entrees, and you’ll undoubtedly find that chicken-fried steak (also called country-fried steak) lands in the top five. This well-loved dish is a staple in restaurants throughout Oklahoma, and residents love it so much that in 1988, the state even added it to their official state meal (yes, that’s a thing). 


Leftover Steak Breakfast Recipes

If you find yourself heading home with a nice, juicy chunk of leftover steak from a dinner out, why not save it for tomorrow’s breakfast? Steak makes for a mouthwatering morning meal that’s packed with brain-boosting protein, iron, and several other health-promoting nutrients. It’ll also help keep you full until lunchtime, unlike packaged cereals and pastry items. 


What Are Some Overrated and Underrated Cuts of Beef?

Beef: it’s what’s for dinner, right? If you’re looking for a heavenly taste experience, there’s no question that a hot and juicy, freshly seared steak delivers. But is the cut that usually graces your plate really the most mouthwatering steak out there?