Best Cocktails for a Steak Dinner

Love a tender, juicy, perfectly cooked steak? What about a great cocktail? Then you’re in the right place because at Cattlemen’s Steakhouse, we’re big fans of pairing our signature steaks with complementary cocktails! Whether you’re a fan of mixed drinks, beer, or wine, we’ve got something on the menu to suit every palate and every type of steak we serve. 


What Is the Appeal of Bone-In Steaks?

Do you enjoy steak? If the answer is yes, then you probably have a favorite cut and style. Are you a filet mignon type of person, or do you prefer a monstrous porterhouse? Do you like your steak on the rare side or the well-done side of the spectrum? 


Leftover Steak Breakfast Recipes

If you find yourself heading home with a nice, juicy chunk of leftover steak from a dinner out, why not save it for tomorrow’s breakfast? Steak makes for a mouthwatering morning meal that’s packed with brain-boosting protein, iron, and several other health-promoting nutrients. It’ll also help keep you full until lunchtime, unlike packaged cereals and pastry items. 


What Are Good Side Dishes for Filet Mignon?

When you’ve got filet on your plate, it’s inarguably the star of the show. But a plate with nothing more than a juicy slab of meat might seem a little sparse. Sure, filet can certainly stand on its own (especially if you’re a die-hard steak fan), but like any main course, it doesn’t really shine without a supporting player or two to help round out the dining experience. 


What Is Chicken-Fried Steak?

Ask anyone from Oklahoma to name a few of their favorite entrees, and you’ll undoubtedly find that chicken-fried steak (also called country-fried steak) lands in the top five. This well-loved dish is a staple in restaurants throughout Oklahoma, and residents love it so much that in 1988, the state even added it to their official state meal (yes, that’s a thing).