Dry-Aged vs. Wet-Aged Steaks

Mmm, steak! It’s just the best. A perfectly cooked, juicy steak is a pleasure unlike anything else in the world. The delicious flavors and satisfying texture make for a perfect meal. It’s a favorite for a reason, but as amazing as a steak can be, not all steaks are the same. 


3 Yummy Ways to Use Up Leftover Steak

Ever go to a steakhouse for dinner and find yourself unable to finish your meal? If you’re like most steak lovers, this situation is a rarity. During some dinners, though, no matter how hard you try, you just can’t cram one more bite of that delicious slab of beef in your belly. So what do you do? Ask for a to-go box and take it home, of course! 


Tips for Eating at a Steakhouse While on a Keto Diet

Eating at a restaurant while you're following any diet can be challenging. Not having easy access to nutrition facts and serving sizes, worrying about hidden calories and sugar, and not wanting to give into temptation are all genuine concerns. When the diet is one that limits how many carbohydrates you can eat, like the keto diet, it can seem especially overwhelming.  


5 Must-Sees in the Oklahoma City Stockyards

Signs of Oklahoma City’s unique history can be found everywhere you look, from the enormous arrow sculptures as you exit the airport to the mighty Indian atop the dome of the state capitol. The city is full of rich experiences that are completely unlike anything you’ve seen elsewhere. One of the hidden gems, located just west of downtown, is the Oklahoma City Stockyards. 


What is Filet Mignon?

Filet mignon is a lean and delicious meat cut from the heart of the tenderloin, making it one of the most desirable cuts of steak. It is arguably one of the most tender cuts because the tenderloin, a muscle that does virtually nothing, rarely gets toughened. The best filet comes from the tenderloin's ultra-tender tail end, and it’s sure to be the ultimate dish if you serve it at your next dinner party.