How Do You Like Your Steak? (Steak Ordering Guide)

Don't know how to order your steak? You're not alone. Whether it's your first time ordering steak, you can't remember how you like your steak cooked, or you'd like to try your steak cooked a different way, this guide can help you out. And when you come to Cattlemen's Steakhouse, our amazing chefs can cook your steak exactly to your liking. 


Why is it Called Chicken Fried Steak?

You’re looking through the menu of a restaurant. You have a lot of options. They have a few cuts of steak listed. Steak is usually delicious, but it has to be cooked just right. You could go for a burger, but will it really be fantastic? As you browse your options, your eyes eventually fall on the go-to meal you know you can trust. You see the chicken fried steak. No two people cook it the same, but it’s one of those staple dishes that you can count on to be tasty. Why is that? What is it about chicken fried steak that makes it reliable and tasty? Why do they even call it chicken fried steak? All of these important life questions are finally going to be answered. 


3 Yummy Ways to Use Up Leftover Steak

Ever go to a steakhouse for dinner and find yourself unable to finish your meal? If you’re like most steak lovers, this situation is a rarity. During some dinners, though, no matter how hard you try, you just can’t cram one more bite of that delicious slab of beef in your belly. So what do you do? Ask for a to-go box and take it home, of course! 


Dry-Aged vs. Wet-Aged Steaks

Mmm, steak! It’s just the best. A perfectly cooked, juicy steak is a pleasure unlike anything else in the world. The delicious flavors and satisfying texture make for a perfect meal. It’s a favorite for a reason, but as amazing as a steak can be, not all steaks are the same. 


5 Must-Sees in the Oklahoma City Stockyards

Signs of Oklahoma City’s unique history can be found everywhere you look, from the enormous arrow sculptures as you exit the airport to the mighty Indian atop the dome of the state capitol. The city is full of rich experiences that are completely unlike anything you’ve seen elsewhere. One of the hidden gems, located just west of downtown, is the Oklahoma City Stockyards.